Successful International Sales Meeting 2011


    Last week, Lamett’s top management invited all of our International Sales Manager to attend a 3 day seminar at the HQ of Lamett in Jiashan. During this 3 day event, we had time to discuss the Lamett strategy, new product developments and learn from each other’s experiences. We were extremely pleased to welcome Perry Coker (US), Bruno Descamps (Belgium), Maxim Nikolskiy (Russia), Tony Meehan (UK) and Danny Lin & Kalin Datchev (China).

    Lamett President, Thomas Baert, was very excited with the outcome of the first International Sales Meeting: “We have a very good week behind us. Everyone came very well prepared. Through the many presentations I had great take home values and it opened my mind for new directions of the company, things that I need to reflect on.”

    We are very thankful for the preparations and participation of the International Sales Managers and our Lamett staff (Tom Van Poyer, Karel Vervaet, Hans Yeh, Anthony Drevet, Antoine Babolat & Leonie Jaspaert). We will see you all next year for the 2012 International Sales Meeting!

    Installation of parquet on floor heating: Is this possible?


    Can you install parquet on floor heating? A question often asked, mostly answered differently. The answer is unambiguous positive, when specific requirements are met.

    Below you can find a description of these requirements:

    1. Since parquet on floor heating has an non-conductive effect a maximum thickness of 15 mm is advised. When your parquet is thicker than 15mm, you might have problems: you risk that the floor heating needs to be increased to generate sufficient heat.

    2. When you glue down the parquet you avoid that a non-conductive layer is formed between the parquet and the floor heating. This is the case with floating installation when you only glue in the tongue and groove.

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    3. The choice of wood also plays a part, most suited are all types of oak. Avoid wood species such as beech, maple, robina.

    4. Multilayer parquet is better suited than solid parquet. A multilayer parquet consists of different layers that balance each other and therefore is less sensible to expansion or shrinking. Solid planks shrink (or expand) as a unit, which results in gaps between the floor boards. Solid parquet can be installed on floor heating but this can only be max. 130 mm wide and 14 mm thick.

    5. It’s very important to install floor heating of the classical system (non-electrical), this means a system based on pipes with water with a maximum surface temperature of 28°C. Sudden temperature changes have a negative effect on the parquet. Ensure that the heating is started up gradually, spread over 4 weeks. Never install parquet on a reversible floor heating, meaning a system that also cools.

    6. Before installing the parquet, the floor heating must be active for 4 weeks. When installing the parquet increase the temperature gradually to the minimum and ensure that the relative humidity (RV) in the room is between 45-65%. Too low RV will cause the parquet to shrink, too high RV will cause expansion. The relative humidity can be measured with a hygrometer. A must have!

    7. Check the moisture level of the concrete floor before installation. It usually takes a few months (depending on the specific situation, but minimum 4 months) before the concrete has released the moisture. The percentage of moisture can be measured with a concrete moisture meter, let a craftsman execute this test. The maximum moisture percentage is 2%.

    Summarized: Lamett advises for installation of parquet on floor heating a maximum thickness of 15 mm, on a non-electrical floor heating. Do the tests of the moisture level in advance.

    Good luck! If you have questions or remarks you can send us your message via the website.

    New offices and warehouses for Lamett Europe


    As you already know, Lamett is a European brand, with sales offices, warehouses and production worldwide. We have Lamett sales managers in the United States, Europe, United Kingdom and Russia.

    Today, we would like to congratulate our Belgian sales manager, Bruno Descamps and his team with the successful renovations of their Belgian offices, production center and warehouses.

    Lamett is now sold in over 50 countries around the world, to sustain our growth we are obliged to invest in the future.

    In their office building, by using the European minimal design look they created a well-organized feeling. This in combination with a bright interior; you have an excellent open work environment. To receive customers and to attract potential customers they installed an up-to-date showroom. Wall and floor based samples will guide the customers to choose their products.

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    To improve and maintain the service, they expanded the warehouse surface. Now they are able to stock more products. Due to their excellent location, the Centre of Europe, they have the possibility to decrease delivery time.

    Not only does Lamett Headquarters support the nice renovation and expansion of Lamett Europe, we are also enthusiastic that they have focused on the ecological aspect of their expansion. Lamett Europe found a solution to gain sustainable energy. Solar Energy, a hot topic in Europe, the ecological awareness, the climate issue and the fear of rising energy prices caused this. In its commitment to sustainable energy, Lamett Europe is proud to announce the successful completion of a solar park on the rooftop of its Belgian offices. The renewable energy generated from this solar installation is estimated at 450 KVA, enough to provide for the energy requirements of 90 Belgian households.